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Private Party

I will be working a private party tonight from 7-11pm at the All Star Fanfest at the Moscone West. My shift starts at 6pm and then at 7 the private party will start. The post I will be at is on the 2nd level (Video Batting Cages). The volunteers are wearing gold/yellow shirts.

I tried to sleep a couple more hours before I get ready to leave but I am too nervous and too excited about my first shift! Baseball is my life and my livelyhood! If there was no baseball I don’t know what sport I’d go crazy for!

Green and Gold is in my blood. I hope when I have kids I will pass on the tradition of going to baseball games and watching the Oakland Athletics (or whatever their new name will be).

So I will try to send posts via my cell to my weblog and I will post my pictures and detailed posts when I get home.


My 1st shift

Tomorrow night will be my 1st shift at the All Star Fanfest. I will be working from 6-11pm on Friday. The hours for the fanfest are from 8-6pm but at 7-11pm there willl be a private party. So I won’t get home until really late and then I have an A’s game on Saturday. I am going to need a lot of sleep tomorrow before my shift and then after the A’s game.

This week/end will be busy for me but atleast I will have a fun time,too! I will post and take pictures of everything to goes on.

All*Star FanFest Volunteer Meeting

I arrived at the Moscone South Center in San Francisco at 530pm. I checked in at the line with I-L to get my information packet,fanny pack,two tickets to the All Star Fanfest and my 2007 MVP Volunteer id.When I report to my first shift I will be given my yellow (limited edition) polo shirt,red hat and a landyard for my tag. Once you see the yellow polo shirts you will understand why they are a limited edition. LOL! Because you wouldn’t want to be caught dead in them again. Just kidding!  Baseball Head I was directed to a room where we got to watch the All Star Bloopers. It was hilarious to see what the baseball players,coaches and fans were doing.

After the All Star staff introduced themselves and gave a brief introduction about themselves. We were paired up with our Zone Manager and Attraction Managers to take a tour of the Moscone West where the All Star Fanfest Week would take place.

The zone I was in had the largest amount of volunteers. We got to tour the level that we would be working on. I took pictures so be sure to check out the album labeled "All Star Week 2007".

How I got to be a volunteer..

I saw on my friend’s myspace that she was going to be volunteering for the All Star Fanfest. So I asked her if there was still time. She said she wasn’t sure but she’d let me know if there was. So a couple of days past before we saw each other again even though we work in the same place. She told me that the S.F. Giants would be holding another interview session for anyone who wanted to volunteer. So of course, I went to the interview. I got there at around 545 pm enough time for the doors to open up at 6 pm. I filled out a form,then we were lead down to the seats behind the away teams dugout. There must’ve been about 40-50 people there. After the people in charge of the fanfest introduced themselves they asked about 5 trivia questions. Non of which I knew since I am NOT a Giants fan! If they were A’s trivia questions I could’ve easily answered them. Whoever got the questions correct were given a goodie bag. Don’t ask me what they got! What would an A’s fan want with that stuff anyways.

So after their little speech we went back to the room where we first started at and got in line with the letter of the initals for our last name. I stood in the I-L line until it was my turn for my mini-interview. They only asked a couple of questions:

  1. Are you a season ticket holder?
  2. Have you ever volunteered before?
  3. Can you stand,walk around or sit for long periods of time?
  4. Why did you want to do this?
  5. Do you like children?
  6. How long have you been a baseball fan?

I was told I would find out in a couple of weeks. I got my letter on June 27,2007.

Needless to say, I am looking forward to the All Star Fanfest Week. I will share more tomorrow when I find out where I will be. Stay tuned….