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All*Star FanFest Volunteer Meeting

I arrived at the Moscone South Center in San Francisco at 530pm. I checked in at the line with I-L to get my information packet,fanny pack,two tickets to the All Star Fanfest and my 2007 MVP Volunteer id.When I report to my first shift I will be given my yellow (limited edition) polo shirt,red hat and a landyard for my tag. Once you see the yellow polo shirts you will understand why they are a limited edition. LOL! Because you wouldn’t want to be caught dead in them again. Just kidding!  Baseball Head I was directed to a room where we got to watch the All Star Bloopers. It was hilarious to see what the baseball players,coaches and fans were doing.

After the All Star staff introduced themselves and gave a brief introduction about themselves. We were paired up with our Zone Manager and Attraction Managers to take a tour of the Moscone West where the All Star Fanfest Week would take place.

The zone I was in had the largest amount of volunteers. We got to tour the level that we would be working on. I took pictures so be sure to check out the album labeled "All Star Week 2007".


Meeting at the Moscone

Tonight at 6-8pm is the meeting at the Moscone Center for the All Star Fanfest. I will find out where I will be,what I will be doing and how many hours/days I am needed to work. Hopefully, there will be one day for me to attend the fanfest too.

The closer it gets the more excited I am!  Wave

I will post pictures when I get home tonight. Stay tuned…