Pin Trading

At the FANFEST store, I had noticed this black feltboard with pins all over it. I walked by a couple of times to check it out but wasn’t sure at first what it was. So I asked the lady that was standing near. She told me that I could take a pin if I replaced it with one of mine.

Many years ago when my folks and I went to Chicago for a Rotary Convention. I remember going around to all the people and trading pins with them. I must’ve collected at least a 100 pins from the convention.


"Pins have long been a part of Baseball. They are now used to commemorate the start of the MLB season, new arenas, milestones, players, the playoffs and the World Series. For collectors, pins represent the memory of that event and, in many cases, the intrinsic value, which increases over the years.


Starting July 6, 2007 the Oakland Athletics will begin the Pin Trading Center located inside D Gate. At the Pin Trading Center we honor the long tradition of Pin Trading in Baseball.

Rules of Pin Trading:

  1. Pins should be of similar size
  2. Trade one pin at a time
  3. At the Pin Trading Center Pin Board, choose any pin on the board; hand the pin you want to trade to a member of the staff, and trade will be made for you.
  4. In the Pin Trading Area, no money can be exchanged for a pin trade. The "Pin Trading Lanyard" has become a traditional way to display and trade pins. It is the way you can show others "Pin Traders" what you are willing to trade at the "Pin Trading Center".
  5. Only 2 trades per game
  6. Only MLB pins can be traded for pins on the pin trading board
  7. HAVE FUN!!! "

Pin Trading at the Oakland Athletics Stadium


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