I gave my tickets to the FANFEST to my folks so they could go check it out. They thought it was cool that I was picked to volunteer at the Fanfest. I was so excited to be part of it. My 1st shift was on Friday night (7-6-07) from 6-11 pm. The fanfest shut down at 6 pm but there was a private party from 7-11pm. I was led over to my station the Video Batting Cages. Unfortunately that is the only thing I didn’t get a chance to do when I wasn’t working. I was already tired but I was trying to get people to play the video batting cages.

There were A LOT of guys wanting to hit but no girls. Whenever I saw girls walk by sneaking a peak. I encouraged them to go for it! A couple of them to the bait. They went for it and thanked me for pushing them to try it.

At the Video Batting Cages, you got to choose who you wanted the pitcher to be. There were many choices to chose from like: Roger Clemens,Barry Zito, Dontrelle Wills,Randy Johnson and many others. It was definitely an exciting evening. I went straight to bed as soon as I got home. Especially since I was going to the Beer Festival at the Oakland A’s game the following morning.

My boss/friend,her husband,their daughter and I went to the FANFEST on Sunday together after I went to the A’s game to get my "Stomper" giveaway. I guess I didn’t need to go over there so early since my folks got the "Stomper" too. Now I have 3 of them.

I stood in line for an hour and half to get my picture taken at the USA Today Cover shot. I will scan all the pictures that I took while I was there.

My 2nd shift wasn’t until Monday (7-9-07) this time I’d be working at the Homerun Derby. Now that was fun,too. AlthoughI couldn’t stay very long I had another awesome day! I took BART over to San Francisco right after my morning job and checked the place out myself since I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to do on Sunday. I got there at 945 am and the doors opened up at 9 am. I took the elevator to the 3rd level so I could get in line to make my very own "Trading Card". I will scan those too.

Here is what I had done on Monday:

2-Trading Cards

1- picture of me on the "Wheaties" box

3-pictures of me on the USA Today cover shot

While I was waiting for my USA Today cover shot photo to be printed out. A man walked up to me and asked if I was an A’s fan. I said yes! Of course, I don’t know why people would be asking me this since I was wearing my "Swisher" jersey, my A’s lanyard with all my A’s pins,A’s hat,A’s earrings,necklace and bracelet.*hint sarcasism* He gave me an A’s license plate frame! I thanked him and went on to the next booth.

I had my face painted,signed up to win A’s baseballs and a base from the Oakland Athletics. I must’ve signed up atleast 20 times. I for sure thought I’d win. They might’ve as well just handed them over to me right then and there. *wink* I left around 4 pm that day. I was dead tired from having to get up at 3 am to be at work for my Fitness job that morning. But it was another fun filled day for me.

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