Private Party

I will be working a private party tonight from 7-11pm at the All Star Fanfest at the Moscone West. My shift starts at 6pm and then at 7 the private party will start. The post I will be at is on the 2nd level (Video Batting Cages). The volunteers are wearing gold/yellow shirts.

I tried to sleep a couple more hours before I get ready to leave but I am too nervous and too excited about my first shift! Baseball is my life and my livelyhood! If there was no baseball I don’t know what sport I’d go crazy for!

Green and Gold is in my blood. I hope when I have kids I will pass on the tradition of going to baseball games and watching the Oakland Athletics (or whatever their new name will be).

So I will try to send posts via my cell to my weblog and I will post my pictures and detailed posts when I get home.


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